Remove config nodes from testng-reports.xml


  1. ALM treats beforeMethod, afterMethod, beforeClass, afterClass, setUp, tearDown etc, as a test, but actually they are not.
  2. ALM treats skipped tests as failed tests.
  3. When we use a DataProvider to pass multiple test data, ALM treats it as just one test, instead of ’n’ no. of tests.


  • Remove  nodes where the “is-config” attribute equals “true”. This removes things like beforeClass, afterClass, beforeMethod etc.
    Remove  nodes where status = “SKIP”
  • In each  node, append a unique number [1],[2],[3], etc. to each name attribute. This forces ALM to bring these in a separate tests, otherwise ALM will bring these in as different runs for the same test.
  • This JAVA program will help you to address the issues and output the testng-reports.xml file free from config-nodes, and treat each data in data provider as a test.


Add this dependency to your pom.xml:

<!-- https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.sdeting.utils/test-utils -->

And add this line to your code:

TestUtils.removeConfigNodesFromTestNgResultsXML("path to your input_testng-results.xml_file");

This will generate a testng-config-free-results.xml in the root dir.